Villa Nobili respectes the environment!

Villa Nobili is an elegant and stately home of the early 800s, surrounded by open country, along Strada Provinciale 1, on the hills that surround the city of Florence by south, 350 meters above sea level. The country environment nearby makes it the ideal place to spend some time in contact with nature, and a great place to start your artistic, naturalistic, sporting or food and wine trips.

Grateful to nature, we too tried to think at Villa Nobili as a environment-friendly place. A small structure like ours can in fact put into practice some sustainable actions that can make the difference and make our guests feel hosted in a nature-loving house. We in fact thought about all the options available in order to reduce the environmental impact, from food and drinks we serve for breakfast and what we use for cleaning, to the use of habits and systems that use energy in the most environment-respectful way.

For example, the hot water heating and production system can cut off 35% of the energy consumption and reduce CO2 emissions up to 70% compared to traditional systems. We put in practice many more nature-friendly actions, and here are some of them.

Sensible to education and ecology, we created our Isola Verde, a space where we do the collection of inorganic waste and recycling of organic waste, which generates natural fertilizer for our garden. We promote this education to environment respect with our guests too.
Reduction of CO2 emissions is one key point that always has to be kept in mind, and we are well aware that a cultural and lifestyle change wuold help.

For this reason, every room in Villa Nobili has double glazing windows for better energy effiency, and we take care that lights are turned off and windows closed when our guests are not in their rooms.
Heating system is programmed by a thermostat that automatically manages temperatures and switch-on times, in order to avoid useless energy waste.
Power consumption has been significantly reduced using eco-save bulbs and, in some rooms and in the garden, timers for switch-on times.
We consider water an essential good and we installed flow reducers in our bathrooms in order to avoid waste.
Environmental price of washing has been reduced guaranteeing sheets replacements every 3 days.

Florence city center is a traffic controlled area and all the inner city is promenade, where cars, buses and taxi are not allowed.
Since the city is quite small, all the most relevant places and monuments are easily reachable by feet. This is a privilege offered to Florence visitors, which can enjoy low environmental impact tourism.

Our house is a few kilometers far from the exchange parking at the city enter. In order to reduce exhaust gas emissions, we encourage our guests to park there their car, taking advantage of the promotional rate, and reach the city center by bus, which stops right in front of the parking.

For breakfast we guarantee use of local products, in order to avoid environmental costs of packaging and transportation.